Scotland Flag Sizes

Clients include “The Scottish Executive”.

St. Andrew’s flags are available in the following sizes:
1:2 ratio, “Quality Sewn” “woven polyester” “2:1 ratio”, (Eight sizes), 1 yd, 1.5 yd, 2 yd, 2.5 yd, 3 yd, 4 yd, 5 yd, 6yd.
3:5 ratio, “Economy Flags” “5ft x 3 ft Polyester Display” (One size)
5:8 ratio, “8ft x 5ft Giant Polyester Display Flag” (One size)
2:3 ratio, “3ft x 2ft Polyester Display Flag” (One size)
Handwavers (plastic): 11 x 7 inches on plastic stick
Handwavers (polyester) 18 x 12 inches on wooden stick
Table Flags (polyester) 6 x 3 inches with gilt pins and wooden or plastic bases with cork centre